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Is Body Language More Impactful Than Words?

“Actions speak louder than words.”

You’ve probably come across that saying once or twice before. But is body language alone more powerful than words?

We believe that both verbal and nonverbal communication are equally important and they work together to create a powerful impact. When used effectively, they can amplify the overall message, create a lasting impression on the listener and make or break an interaction.

Importance of Using Body Language Cues in the Workplace

Body language plays a big part in the workplace. Just because you’re not singing on stage or a football manager answering questions, doesn’t mean the same body language principles don’t apply to you in the workplace.

If you want to show you’re a team player and that you truly care about the organisation and your colleagues, body language is your answer.

Body language in the workplace can help you show your enthusiasm for projects, your team and their successes or even your friendliness with new team members.

Using body language will help you find it easier to have conversations with colleagues and team members and achieve what you set out to in the workplace.

By not using nonverbal cues in the workplace, you might be misunderstood and leave others confused about your true thoughts on their conversation or even them as a person.

If you stare at someone and subconsciously grind your teeth, others are going to notice and become defensive. We advise you not to do this!

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