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Talking is not training, presenting is also not a training because training is about turning and transforming individuals into success stories.”

A 30 hours soft skills certification workshop. (Every Saturday and Sunday for 5 weeks.)
Why Train the Trainer Program?
  • This program ensures your success as a soft skill trainer and this workshop will help you.
  • To be a certified & successful soft skill trainer.
  • To learn latest training techniques, not old one.
  • Earn handsome money.
  • Train the students, employees and every individual with ease.


Train the Trainer Program has 2 phases:

1st phase 14 hours will cover the following aspects:

  • Introduction of the Trainer/Organization, Introduction of Participants
  • The purpose to join Pre-assessment
  • Physical and mental speaking techniques
  • Emotional speaking skills
  • Strength & weakness analysis
  • Professional speaking manners
  • Fear & Hesitation analysis
  • The concept S.P.E.A.K.
  • The concept L.I.S.T.E.N.

2nd phase the training will cover:

  • Content development methodologies
  • Handling questions
  • Demo sessions
  • Before feedback after feedback
  • Analysis & Feedback of demo sessions
  • Quotes and stories
  • Games & activity development
  • Profile design
  • Overview of key learning