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About Us


The most trusted soft skills training Institute for Public and Corporate.

Founder IICS - Jodhpur

Shrikant Gupta

IICS-Inspirit Institute of Communication Skills is an organization with a commitment to help participants evolve with confidence, consciousness and connectivity. IICS aims to achieve this evolution by enhancing natural talents, capabilities and skills of every individual who joins IICS.

At IICS we ensure the overall development of the individual. We make every participant expressive, energetic and enthusiastic so that they can discover their true potential and produce desired results.

The trainers who are rich in their experience conducts the training, and the participants are immensely benefited by learning from them as the trainers not only make the training useful but also enjoyable.

At IICS training is a celebration and IICS believes that learning with celebration is more appropriate way than learning with burden & pressure.

IICS conducts both in-house and external venue based (corporate, schools, college locations) customized training programs, seminars and workshops.


IICS believes that everyone has the natural talent & unlimited potential. Once who realizes it, starts to experience miracles in  life.


IICS’s mission is to create a new kind of human being, who has both the wings; The wing of knowledge, science, technology, communication, presentation, positivity, passion and professional growth and the wing of person fulfillment.