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Our Online Live Training Courses

Star Kids Live Training (Age 8 to 12 Years)

Our Course Synopsis

Star Kids Live Training (Age 8 to 12 Years)

Star Kid Training (Age 8 to 12 Years) 

We Make Your Child A Confident Shining Star at IICS

What We Cover In The Training: (Based On Parents & Teachers Meetings)


  1. Interactive Vocabulary and Pronunciation Practice: We have created various games that teach new words in a fun way, like word puzzles or matching games moreover we have included audio clips for pronunciation practice and different kind of activities for our shining stars to record and compare their own pronunciation.

  2. Storytime Corner: It includes engaging stories which we have comprised with interactive elements, as moreover we will allow our shining stars to participate or make choices within the story.

  3. Role-Playing Scenarios: We have developed various scenarios where kids can practice spoken English through role-playing exercises or conversations.

  4. Grammar Learning: We will turn learning grammar into an adventure with curiosity or practice exercise that focus on different grammar concepts.

  5. Positive Affirmations: We will incorporate positive affirmations by daily prayer and om chanting or short motivational messages to boost kids’ confidence.

  6. Elevating Basic Etiquettes: We will teach children to treat others with respect and kindness through instilling them about public etiquettes, family etiquettes, dining etiquettes and we will keep a check on them with the help of chart which we have created by selecting basic and prominent 25 etiquettes that the children must have.

  7. Inculcating good habits: We will develop and encourage the child to instill good habits such as time management, regular exercise, healthy eating, good hygiene, regular sleep routine which will make them the better and greater personality.

  8. Creative Section: We will give a space to children to perform their hobbies which will unlock their creativity and artistic skills.

  9. Fun Zone Environment: We have organized a Sports Day for our shining stars where they can engage in outdoor as well as interactive games which energise them and furthermore build their team management skills.

  10. Parent-Teacher Zone: A weekly space for parents and teachers to evaluate star kids presentation in front of senior students and on the spot feedbacks and tips for reinforcing learning.

  11. Weekly Challenges: We have setup weekly challenges that encourage our. shining stars to use their new language skills in practical scenarios.


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